“Our mission is to support Veterinary Rehabilitation Professionals globally by providing Continuing Education, business skills, and a supportive and interactive community on an online platform that will allow you to participate, connect and grow from anywhere in the world.” ~ Dr Megan Kelly

Dr Megan Kelly - The Big Boss

In my journey as an animal healthcare professional I have qualified as a nurse, a veterinarian and a veterinary rehabilitation therapist. I have a passion for studying and continually growing and improving my own knowledge, as well as contributing to the community in a bigger way, by supporting the learning and growth of as many of my colleagues as I possibly can.

I am based in the beautiful city of Cape Town with my husband, two daughters and two dogs.

Please feel free to email me at any time if you have questions, have some ideas or simply need support. I am always available at meg@onlinepethealth.com.

Ané Lloyd - Social Media and Blogger

Ané joined the OPH team in 2018. She is responsible for managing the content that goes out to our members and our non-member followers, and loves to immerse herself into the academic side of things.
When she is not reading research, writing blogs and chatting to lecturers, she is being a mom, wife and horse breeder. There is nothing better than a couple of hours spent surrounded by horses!

If there are any topics that you would like to learn more about, please contact Ané at ane@onlinepethealth.com and she will make sure we cover it for you.

Michelle Boehm - All Things Everything

Michelle has been working in the veterinary industry since 2003 as a veterinary assistant, practice manager and with pharmaceuticals. With a special talent for organisation, Michelle keeps the team on track and running smoothly. With her love for the industry and her partner in crime, Tally – a miniature Daschund, Michelle continues to learn and grow, and thrives on helping rehabbers around the world to do the same.

You can get hold of Michelle at info@onlinepethealth.com if you are experiencing trouble with your membership, or have any questions.

Adi Weerheim - Website Fairy

Adi joined the OPH team in 2017. She is in charge of all our websites and membership platforms and is passionate about the work she does.
When she's not at her computer, you can find her teaching in the arena, on the back of a horse or having a well-earned glass of wine at the running club after a run.

If you are having any technical difficulties with your membership you can contact Adi directly at webdesign@onlinepethealth.com