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In addition to two live webinars per month, our Onlinepethealth Small Animal and Dual Members have access to all the recordings of previous live webinars on the members website portal, with downloadable CPD certificates for all the SAVC accreddited ones.

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Small Animal Anatomy

Anatomy and Physiology

  1. Fascia: One Muscle in Six Hundred Pockets
Small Animal Behaviour


  1. Taking the Pet out of Petrified in Vet Rehab… Where Painful Memories Last a Lifetime
SmA Canine Athlete

Canine Athletes

  1. Totofit Conditioning the Canine Athlete
  2. Conditioning the Canine Athlete : Part 1
  3. Conditioning the Canine Athlete : Part 2

SERIES: Injury Prevention in the Canine Athlete [4 Episodes]

  • Part 1: Common Sports Injuries
  • Part 2: Owner Management
  • Part 3: Pre-Sport Assessment
  • Part 4: Fitness Plans for Injury Prevention

The Canine Athlete [WEBCON 2017]

  • Introduction to Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Common Conditions in Sports Medicine
  • Canine Core
  • Managing and Treating Osteoarthritis in the Canine Athlete
  • Nutrition Bits and Bites
  • Structure and Biomechanics
  • Conditioning of the Canine Athlete with Chris
  • Ergogenic Drugs used in Dogs
  • PEMF for the Canine Athlete
  • Live Q&A with all the Lecturers
Small Animal Clinical Reasoning

Clinical Reasoning

  1. Aw, That Hurts! Pain & Movement
  2. Tips & Tricks for Early Identification of Injuries
  3. The Pitfalls of Veterinary Rehabilitation
  4. Non-Weight-Bearing to Sound
  5. Neurological Conditions Affecting Locomotion
  6. Movement Dysfunction: Strength vs Motor Control

SERIES: What Does it Mean? [4 Episodes]

  • Part 1: Back Pain
  • Part 2: Hind Limb Lameness
  • Part 3: Postural Changes
  • Part 4: Gait Changes/Abnormalities
Small Animal Diagnostic Modalities

Diagnostic Modalities

  1. Digital Thermal Imaging
Small Animal Diet


  1. Alternative Diet Trends
  2. How to Choose Joint Supplements
Small Animal Exercise


  1. Totofit Therapeutic Exercises for Every Dog
  2. Ground Treadmill Therapeutic Exercise
  3. Force Free Exercise in the Canine
  4. Effective and Safe Therapeutic Exercise Programs for Small Dogs
  5. Biomechanics of Tissue Healing & it’s Relationship to Therapeutic Exercise
  6. Canine Exercise in Extreme Environments
Small Animal Hydrotherapy


  1. Greyfriars Introduction to Canine Hydrotherapy
  2. Swimming or Underwater Treadmill? Is there a Difference?
  3. Aquatread Underwater Treadmill
  4. Advanced Tips & Troubleshooting the Underwater Treadmill
  5. The Biomechanics of Swimming
Small Animal Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological Rehabilitation

  1. Totofit Degenerative Myelopathy & your role as the Clinician
  2. Challenging Cases for Brachial Plexus Injuries
  3. Physiotherapy for Fibrocartilaginous Embolism
  4. The Neurological Dog

Neurological Rehabilitation [WEBCON 2018]

  • Assessment of the Neurological Dog
  • Techniques to Try and Why they Work
  • Hydrotherapy for Neurological Cases – Part 1
  • Hydrotherapy for Neurological Cases – Part 2
  • Common Neurological Conditions
  • Assistive Devices for Neuro Cases
  • Motor Learning in Rehabilitation
  • What, why and how of Tone Modulation
  • Rehabilitation Treatment Progression
  • Troubleshooting the Neurological Patient
  • Closing Ceremonies and Awards
Small Animal Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

  1. Conditions Affecting Locomotion – Part 1
  2. Conditions Affecting Locomotion – Part 2
  3. The Canine Shoulder
  4. Myotendinous Conditions
  5. Muscle Activation in Cruciate Disease
  6. Hip Dysplasia – Part 1 [Treatment from the Young to the Old]
  7. Hip Dysplasia – Part 2
  8. Diagnosis and Management of Digit Injuries
  9. Healing Hands: Intro to Chiropractic
  10. Canine Orthotics and You [Bonus Webinar]

SERIES: Limb Conditions by Assisi Loop [4 Episodes]

  • Part 1: Forelimb Lameness: Where do we start?
  • Part 2: Rehabilitation of Forelimb Conditions
  • Part 3: Hind limb Lameness, Where Do We Start?
  • Part 4: Rehabilitation of Hind Limb Conditions

SERIES: Diagnosis-Specific Treatments & Home Programs [4 Episodes]

  • Part 1: Medial Shoulder Instability
  • Part 2: Carpus and Digit Hyperextension
  • Part 3: Hip Instability
  • Part 4: Stifle Instability
Small Animal Pain


  1. Conservative management of Chronic Back Pain

SERIES: Pain by Elanco [4 Episodes]

  • Pain Physiology
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Acute Pain Management
  • Local Anaesthesia
Small Animal Pharmacology


  1. A Deeper Look at NSAIDs
  2. The Long Term use of Opioids and the Alternatives
Small Animals Products

Products & Devices

  1. Rehabilitation Products
  2. Veterinary Orthotics & Prosthetics
  3. Brace and Master Cast with Confidence
Small Animal Specific Conditions

Specific Conditions

  1. Distal Extremity Injuries – Sprain or Worse of the Achilles Complex

Obesity [Summit 2019]

  • The Local & Biological Effects of Obesity
  • Biomechanics of the Obese Canine
  • Canine & Feline Obesity
  • Rehabilitation of the Obese Patient
  • Nutritional Management of Obesity: Part 1
  • Nutritional Management of Obesity: Part 2
  • Owner Compliance & Participation in a Weight Loss Program
Small Animal Specific Patients

Specific Patients

  1. Why are you Calling Me Old?
  2. Keeping Pets Active throughout their Golden Years
  3. Keep your Exotics Pain Free
  4. Rehabilitation for the Cat
  5. Rehab for the Canine Amputee
  6. Winning with Wobblers
  7. Rear Limb Awareness in the Juvenile Dog

SERIES: Pain in Cats by Assisi Loop [4 Episodes]

  • Part 1: Pain in Cats: Making Old Cats Lives Better
  • Part 2: Feline Rehabilitation: Cats are not Small Dogs
  • Part 3: Orthopedic Issues in Cats – Part 1
  • Part4: Orthopedic Issues in Cats – Part 2
Small Animal Surgical Intervention

Surgical Intervention

  1. Post Operative Complications
Small Animal Therapeutic Modalities

Therapeutic Modalities

  1. The Fundamentals of Small Animal Kinesio Taping
  2. Joint Mobilisation
  3. Shockwave Therapy Basics & Clinical Applications
  4. The Science & Safety of Lasers & LEDs, sans Sales Pitch
  5. Companion Animal Health: Regenerative Medicine
  6. Manual Therapy & Manual Techniques and their role in Pain Management
  7. Improving Post-Operative Recovery with tPEMF
  8. Laser Therapy: Bringing the Physiology to the Clinical
  9. Kinesiotape in the Clinic
  10. Acupuncture – Ancient Art to 21st Century Science
  11. It’s alive! Regenerative Medicine in Canine Mobility
  12. Rehabilitation tools: What, when, where, how, and why to use them?
  13. Regenerative Medicine Updates
  14. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy
  15. Whole-Body Vibration (WBV) in Veterinary Medicine
Business Basics Logo


Browse our Business Basics webinar library and downloads for tips and tricks on how to get everything and more out of your Rehabilitation Business.

Client Acquisition

Client Acquisition

  1. How to Get a Continual Stream of New Clients
Equine Lameness


  1. Customer Experience
  2. Show your Clients your Value
  3. How to Sell because it Works!


  1. Email Marketing
    • General Email Marketing
    • Mailchimp
  2. Websites
    • Optimise Your Website
    • Website Case Study: 1
    • Website Case Study: 2
    • Website Case Study: 3
  3. Talk Triggers
    • Creating a Talk Trigger for your Practice : PART 1
    • Creating a Talk Trigger for your Practice : PART 2
  4. General Marketing
    • 12 Free Ways to Market your Vet Rehab or Physio Practice
    • Why and How you Need to use Google Adverts in Your Marketing Strategy


  1. A Team Approach
  2. Keys to Success: Finding a Business Coach & Clinical Mentor
  3. How to Write a Vet Report
  4. How to get more Vet Referrals
  5. Are you Charging Enough for Your Services?
  6. How do Referral Vets Perceive Rehab
  7. Using Adjunct Therapies to Boost Revenue and Save Time
Self Mastery


  1. How to Apply the 80/20 Rule to your Vet Rehab Practice
  2. How to Build a Business or Profession that Supports Your Personal Goals
  3. The Key to Success: Actionable Steps for Preventing Burn Out
Social Media


  1. How to correctly create Videos on your Phone for Social Media
  2. How to Handle Online Reviews
  3. Instagram for Vetrehabbers
  4. Content Creation for a Winning Marketing Strategy


  1. The Business behind Veterinary Rehabilitation
  2. Mastering Time Maximisation for the Veterinary Rehab Therapist
  3. SWOT Analysis & Goals
  4. No Profit in your Practice? This is Why
  5. Why do your Clients Quibble about your Price?
  6. Diversifying Your Income
  7. Give your Mobile Clinic Wings


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