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Watch this short introductory video and start your professional veterinary therapist continued online education today:

Do you have any questions about our memberships?

The risk falls on us.
We guarantee your money back in the first 30 days if you feel the membership is not for you.

Due to my time zone I am unable to watch the live webinars?

Many of our members don’t attend the live webinars. The recordings are accessible on our platform for 365 days a year. We all have families and work commitments to juggle. Having the freedom to access all the recordings anytime allows you to schedule your own learning times which are convenient for you. You can also email any of lectures questions that you may have about their lectures. Send them to info@onlinepethealth.com and we will forward them to the appropriate lecturer. 

The monthly payment is too expensive. I cannot afford it.

We offer different memberships at different price points. 
You need to invest in yourself and this means making learning a priority. Its a choice you make. Those that choose to better their knowledge and to improve themselves will see the results. I have never regretted investing money in learning but I have regretted not taking opportunities to learn in the past. #vetrehabbers #neverstoplearning 

I don’t have the time?

We have developed some time management training just for you. You will learn how to maximise your time. This means that you spend the time doing the important things. Learning is important and you should schedule time every week for this. 

I don’t need the Continuing education points?

Please don’t do CE for the points, do it because you want to better yourself for you but also your patients. Do it because you are not okay with being average – you want to be a leader. 

I don’t have a stable internet connection?

A 2mb internet line is sufficient to watch the live webinars and the recordings on the members platform. 

We have many different ways to learn on our membership portals:

We make staying on top of clinically relevant research easy for you with these 10 min video presentation on the latest research in our field.
Videos and PDF’s that will help you become more business savvy, allowing you to grow and improve your business and services.
PDF documents on various topics that will help you learn and grow.
Short videos covering relevant new information.
Recorded video discussions of interesting and unusual hydrotherapy cases.


“I found the rehab webinar very refreshing and dynamic.” ~ Lucia Antelo Lopez

“Living in a remote area I find them extremely useful!” ~ Agnes Campan 

“Thanks so much for organising the webinar. I found it really interesting and practical.” ~ Pam Horisberger

“I am really enjoying the webinars as they are very informative and based on very relevant topics, some of which have very little information available from other sources.” ~ Danielle Van Wyk

“Onlinepethealth has allowed me to gain insights into so many different areas of rehabilitation which would otherwise have been impossible.” ~ Rebecca Sartain – UK

“Hi Megan, great webinar, huge thank you to all involved in organising the webinar, and for David Levine for sharing his knowledge.  Hopefully, there will be more CPD online for us all to access. Thanks again.” ~ Mel Brown

“Loving the webinars! The variety of options and how sometimes the simple options which, especially here with cost-sensitive cases, can be so beneficial.” ~ Natasha Lotter 

“Onlinepethealth Webinar allows me to continue my professional development whilst managing my family and practice.” ~ Tracey Dempsey UK

“Good morning Megan, I just want to say thank you for the webinar last night, it was brilliant! Very informative and useful. Have a great day.” ~ Ané Krauss

“The online membership for rehab practitioners has already been such a huge benefit for me! From the business blog I learned how to set up google alerts, and as I'm not so clued up on social media, this really helped me find new things to post. The overall blog helped me build confidence with my posting!
Also the videos are so easily accessible! We are all so busy and I know the struggle with trying to find time for these things! I managed to set myself up in a coffee shop with my earphones and tablet and enjoyed an hour-long coffee while I watched a lecture before moving onto my next patient. So far I have managed to take something from each video and I definitely feel like its an easy way to keep up with the industry.  I am so grateful, I feel supported in my field because of your efforts.”
~ Candice Ramsay: Ramsay Rehabilitation

“Webinars help to keep my memory refreshed and help me to improve my rehabilitation treatments”
~ Lindi Barkhuysen

As a veterinary rehab professional, I have found Webinar/Online Pet Health to be a great resource for practical continuing education. I have enjoyed participating as a speaker for Dr. Kelly’s online classes. Her attendees have been attentive, asking smart and mindful questions. Professionally, Dr. Kelly has been excellent to work with, in coordinating topics, setting up schedules and keeping in up to the minute communication on our collaborative events. I look forward to continuing to work with her.
~ Matt Brunke, DVM, CCRP, CVPP, CVA, ACVSMR Career Path Candidate

“End of last year I experienced my first onlinepethealth webinar and, not being the strongest at the technical stuff, I was a little apprehensive, but no need. The webinars are super easy to follow, personal in that the lecturer may as well be right there in person, and it's interactive. No matter how long you've been in the field, I think everyone can benefit from these webinars and you'll take something away with you. A recent blog stated “students involved in online learning outperform their peers”. Just do it! You won't be disappointed. Thank you, Dr Kelly, for setting this up. The value is huge and I'm very grateful to have these opportunities.”
Natasha Lotter BSc (Hons), EEBW, CCRP 

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