Releasing a podcast every week means we have a whopping 130 podcasts in our library! That can be a little overwhelming when you would like to start listening. 

If you would like to dive into our podcasts, I highly recommend starting with a few of our ‘Behind the Vet Rehab Practice’ podcasts. Here Megan chats to Vetrehabbers about their journey into rehabilitation, delves into their mistakes and successes, and allows you to gain insight that you might never have gained otherwise! Here are some of my favourites: 

Behind the Vet Rehab Practice, with Evelyn Orenbuch

Behind the vet Rehab Practice, with Kristal Turner

Behind the Vet Rehab Podcast, with Danielle Anderson

We also chat to experts about specific topics that are relevant to all (or most!) Vetrehabbers, helping you to broaden your knowledge and skills by listening to a free podcast while you are driving, treating patients, or having lunch.

Here are my favourite topic discussions:

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, with Debra Canapp 

How do Referral Vets Perceive Rehab? with Leilani Alvarez

The Missing Link of Vetrehab, with Tony Nevin

Imposter Syndrome: Understanding Why You Are Good Enough, with Katie Ford 

Media Publicity; How to Get it

The Role of Rehab in Juvenile Dogs, with Tanya Grantham

Confidence in Vet Rehab Practice, with Kallum Russel

No matter where you are or what you’re busy with, why not schedule a topic per day? Learning need never stop, even during the holidays. 

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