As Vetrehabbers, we never miss an opportunity to learn, and the festive season is no exception! I have put together a list of our best hydro blogs for you to read and enjoy, to deepen your thirst for knowledge, and to awaken your curiosity. Enjoy them in the quiet moments that you steal for yourself over the holiday season!

Achieving Goals of Hydrotherapy with Tools

6 Need-to-Know Canine Hydrotherapy Research Articles

Obesity in Hydrotherapy

Understanding Swimmers Syndrome

The Tendencies and Challenges of different Breed Types during Hydrotherapy

Of course, none of us want to be writing blogs for our clients during this time of rest and recovery, and for that reason I have included these two blogs in your list – feel free to share them with your clients:

How Hydrotherapy Can Help your Dog with Elbow Dysplasia

Why your Amputee Needs a Hydrotherapist

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