There is no better way to kick off the festive season, than with a great reading list. And while diving into the research articles or textbooks is great, this is really a season when we should be slowing down just a little.

So here are my top Equine Blog recommendations for the readers who want to keep their minds sharp, while still allowing themselves times to rest and be rejuvenated over the festive season!

The Role of the Tongue and Hyoid in Equine Movement 

Upward Fixation of the Patella, Do I Leave it or Treat it? 

The Thoracic Sling 

Horses with Shivers 

Girth Pain Syndrome 

Putting a Number on Pain 

Stress and Pain – Is there a Link? 

Mastering Equine Lameness Indicators 

And if you would like to get some blogs out to your clients, these are great:

Why Your Foal Should See a Vetrehabber in the First Weeks of Life 

Why your Equine Athlete Should Have a Vetrehabber on their Team 

5 Signs Your Horse Might Have a Tendon Injury 

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